* Beautiful Wish *

I created this blog because of muh ex-bf..
now that we're over, but i still keep this blog because it's the sweetest blog i have created =)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Back to the beginning

when u have no idea what to do..the best way is

Reading back all the posts....

Do you still come back here? listening to this song..
reading the line where u once said u like it --->
"We are each of us angels with only one wing. And we can only fly while embracing each other." - Lucian de Croszonza

hahaha <3

Please make it free on sun..=) the whole day..since ur not free on sat..i wished to go for ur training but it's ok...*huggiesss*

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Got my NS letter...and went to do deferral thingy..5mins kao tim d...KNS!!

I'm really lost...or insecure?..
shud just follow my heart..wait..

Tuesday, May 13, 2008



SCRew it Screw it SCrew it Screw it!! it comes and goes around my mind..
Justin's song XD


Good news --> DAP proposed to the government to abolish NS immediately..Woo woo~
*clap clap* still pending..but please..god!! make it fast before my letter comes XD it's already mid of May and my NS is on mid of June? And the fucking letter is not here yet?..i cant do my defer stuff..T-T i M so not gona stop my studies halfway mannn!!

K la..back to studies~~ *huggs*

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Hand itchy go create another blog..

http://waynessm.livejournal.com --> supposed to be a 'private' blog..
BUT ARGH!! screw it~
i don feel like hiding anything back there..so..yeah~

Faster come back ya!!

'faster come back ya'..it's a sentence that i wished to tell my mom before she left..Damn..sleepy piggy..cant get up on time..so she left without even telling me =.= hMph!

I miss mummy..
She's now on a trip to somewhere else which i didn't even bother to ask..
bah...not going to see her for 4 days...
When i was still in bed this morning..i can still hear her voice..
But i woke up..she's gone...* gone as in she left for her trip tingy k..

Hmm..wonder how am i going to survive since mummy forgot about my weekly expenses =.=
pergi travel and have fun..fgt bout me pula.. =.=
Luckily this week no college..only one day exam..but GOD damn it..i can hardly control myself honestly...

Any good plans for saving??
...Tsuzenne's RRR method would be great but leme think bout it again and again first =)

Exam~~~ no failure..i don allow me myself to get lower than 75(acc), 80+ (Macro)
Macro is wet wet water only..piece of cake work...nothing much to worry..
STUPID ACC...Ang mo english..cant even understand everything no matter how many turns i had been reading it..Bugger!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Some random post that touches my heart XD

When a GIRL is quiet ...
millions of things are running in her mind.
When a GIRL is not arguing ...
she is thinking deeply.
When a GIRL looks at u with eyes full of questions ...
she is wondering how long you will be around.
When a GIRL answers " I'm fine " after a few seconds ...
she is not at all fine.
When a GIRL stares at you ...
she is wondering why you are lying.
When a GIRL lays on your chest ...
she is wishing for you to be hers forever.
When a GIRL wants to see you everyday...
she wants to be pampered.
When a GIRL says " I love you " ...
she means it.
When a GIRL says " I miss you " ...
no one in this world can miss you more than that.

Life only comes around once make sure u spend it with the right person ....
Find a guy ... who calls you beautiful instead of hot.
who calls you back when you hang up on him.
who will stay awake just to watch you sleep.
Wait for the guy who ... kisses your forehead.
Who wants to show you off to the world when you are in your sweats.
Who holds your hand in front of his friends.
Who is constantly reminding you of how much he cares about you and how lucky he is to have you.

Who turns to his friends and says, " That's her!! "

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


What is one thing you MUST do before you go to bed at night?

Me appreciate time(greedy)..therefore, wouldnt do only one thing =) haha

* Brush my teeth =)
* miss someone deep in my heart...
* set my alarm
* Make a wish list for the next day =)
* Give a big hug to my teddy bear
* Conclude for the day